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Nutbilly Deluxe

by The Thumbnuts

Machinery 02:22
Allergies 02:36
What the heck is goin’ on? I don’t even care Steppin’ on the front porch just to grab the mail Plantin’ my foot in a flaming bag o’ poo Mail man asks if there’s anything he can do He hands me a bag of cool ranch Doritos I close my eyes as I get swarmed by mosquitoes Allergies, I don’t want em’ I don’t need em’ Allergies, get em’ outta here Get that pollen outta here Guzzling’ down a chocolate éclair The judge gives me a condescending stare Death sentence for all crime with no proof Metal detector scrappin’ on your roof Yes, oh boy, of course that was me Sittin’ in this chair equip with electricity Ouch! (Chorus) These dipshits won’t leave me alone So I’m just dancing all night long But peanut butter girls can still hit me up In the mornin’, coffees in her cup Open up a book take a look at some ass If my lawn mower worked, your ass would be grass Fuck, fuck (Chorus)
I can’t eat eggs, not even if I wanted to Not poached, nor scrambled (Not even if I wanted to, no) I can’t eat eggs, no I can’t eat eggs My eggs would be: Breakfast in bed It’s not even possible Over easy It’s not even possible I can’t eat eggs, no I can’t eat eggs He can’t eat eggs
We used to be the perfect match Just like fire and gas We lost our way somewhere along the way But every time I see a dump truck I think of you and your dump truck It takes me back to a time that I would never trade Let’s have a dump truck nite! – 4x (Pick it up now) Let’s get together in the next few decades One thing I know it’s a personal crusade I know that time has passed and you’ve changed your plans But here I am, outreachin’ my hand Dump truck of the night Dump truck all day Dump truck of the night Let me ride away (Chorus) Once we had love, now it’s a memory And I can only think about what could be I know you’ve moved on, but I still believe You, me, your dump truck Together as three (Chorus) Dump truck, muckbang – Sit on my end Dump truck night, it’s raw to feel joy
Vincent Cost 02:49
I Love You 07:28
This Is Us 01:08
So this is us, we try our best Yeah we have fun, yeah we our loud We make mistakes, we do forgiveness We gives hugs and we give kisses We have fun, yeah we have fun again So this is us, we make memories for sure So this is us, we try our best We have fun, we our loud We make mistakes, we do forgiveness We have fun and we give kisses We have fun, memories This is us So this is us So this is us, isn’t it?
Escaping God 01:16
Hot Dog Wars 01:26
Yeah, My wiener is different It's different, different, different I met the mayor of hot dog city He said take a bratwurst, it’s the key to the city It started out hard, but then it got tough It shrunk itself down, and then it got nuts Yeah, My wiener is different It's different, different, different The city was buzzin’, there was dancin’ in the street I woke up sprawled on the hard concrete I stumbled into bed with a smile on my face Now there’s no more Adam, only eve and the snake
I like ding dongs, I get brain Everything’s in love Look at these little Tiny anal beads What in the heck do These things, do? Everything’s in love Gimme Sausalito, turkey, oven gold Ain’t tryin’ to be a hero, so gimme a roll Now I roll em’ up, bustin’ out them lines But not the fuzz lines I ain’t tryin’ to do no time You can catch me with my crew, rollin’ through Time through Mark Lou Everything’s in love It is four block radius And girl I smell some shadiness Get up in my cranium and please Just take a whiff of this Little – teeny tiny Anal – Beads
Queso Lips 04:42
A Final Word 00:40
Victor was a man of science He always robbed the graves He brought his friend Igor along And they went and robbed the graves He said “O, my master, what will you need?” They went and climbed down the hill into the cemetery He said “O dear Igor, here's what you need” You'll need three things, and they start with these: This is how it goes First I'll need a brain And then I'll need a heart And then I'll need a set of lungs And every other part Digging six ft under Digging left and right Trying to discover What pieces will be right We've got 100 corpses Surely, that seems enough I hate to be the asshole But we need 100 more Back up in the castle 200 stiffs around Chop these certain pieces Stitch them into one Stitch them back together Baby, we're having fun Lightning strikes the castle The creature jolts alive Searching for the asshole That made him alive He's got body parts, they're hanging by a thread What's up with his haircut, up upon his head? It looks like a flat top, but that’s his skull What is the answer to, “Why he looks like this?” He runs around the castle Trying to escape He runs around the castle Looking for his maker He's gonna strangle him … Why am I here? Why am I live? What is this feeling I feel inside? I have to escape this castle I have to get away My skin is itchy and I'm feeling pretty grey Running through the halls trying to survive I jump out a window and I'm still alive? Landin’ in the river, running into town And when I got there, you’d never guess what I found… A little blind girl by the river She's throwin’ petals in the lake We both laugh and laugh I pick her up by the body I whip her right into the lake So she can float down like the petals And float on, upon the lake Later that night Vincent Frankenstein got a telegram, it said: The whole town now surrounds you We're all mad at what you did You made a goddamn monster out of body parts And shocked it back to life You didn't know what the fuck you were doing You set it on out to life And then it met a kid down on the river bed And he threw it into the lake And one of us in the mob is her mother and father And we're mad as hell Hey, look at you, Vincent Frankenstein And Igor You old twat Why the hell were you helping him? Now look at what you’ve wrought Eh, Igor, you hunchback, fuck Or you upright little cuck That's what the whole telegram said And that's why Vincent cried "Why are you crying, Vincent?" That’s what Igor asked I just read a telegram to us That says we're surrounded and about to be killed Because what we did was questionable and bad And now we are facing the repercussions for what we did And you and me are in this together We both know what we did



The Thumbnuts - Nutbilly Deluxe

Runtime: 50:37

After 16 years of surreal chicanery, The Thumbnuts grace us with this, their last libation to the God of Nut. 'Nutbilly Deluxe' evidently took its creators beyond the threshold of human experience. We haven't heard from them since this, possibly their final mortal document, arrived at our doorstep hidden in a jar of peanut butter. Not unlike how Jafar Panâhi smuggled the document of his arrest in a cake delivered to Cannes as an act of creative and political subterfuge. Entirely like that, actually. The comparison is accurate and doesn't warrant scrutiny.

'Nutbilly Deluxe', for all it's anarchic whimsy, was born in devotion to the brand of irreverence these guys have trafficked in since youth. It may be too lofty to dub it 'the culmination of everything Thumbnut', but in many ways it stands as the most bit-packed, witty and unique artifact they will leave us with. It is certainly their most musically ambitious, an album overflowing with naughty plunderphonics and instrumental pastiche of such dead-accuracy it quite makes one's head spin. May the men who gave their lives to see this project realized take solace in knowing their sacrifice was not in vain.


released June 30, 2023

The Thumbnuts are:
Gus Péwé – Vocals
Tommy Colangelo – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Trevor Cochran – Vocals, Various Instrumentation, Sampling, Drum Programming

Guest Appearances by:
Antoine Hemphill – Vocals, ‘Everything’s in Love’
Glenn Horne – Lead Guitar, ‘Dumptruck Nite’, ‘Horrors of War’, Additional Guitar on ‘The Modern Prometheus’
Travis Lockwood – Vocals, ‘Hot Dog Wars’
Whitney Morgan – Vocals, ‘Horrors of War’, ‘The Modern Prometheus’
Daniel Rauch – Vocals, ‘Horrors of War’

Album Credits:
Music by: Cochran
Words by: Péwé
Samples taken from: The Great Dictator (1940)

Music by: Cochran, Colangelo
Lyrics by: Cochran, Colangelo, Péwé
Samples Taken from: Tarzan (1999)

Words by: Cochran
Music Taken from Adobe Stock

'I Can’t Eat Eggs'
Music by: Colangelo
Lyrics by: Colangelo, Péwé
Samples Taken from: ‘Dilemma’ by Nelly (2002)

'Dumptruck Nite'
Music by: Cochran
Lyrics by: Péwé, Cochran

'Vincent Cost'
Words by: Cochran
Music Taken from Adobe Stock
Samples Taken from: ‘Ominous’ by Whitehardt, ‘Great British Baking Show (Theme)’ by Tom Howe Mikhail Gorbachev Pizza Hut commercial (1997), ‘Weird Studies’ (Podcast), ‘Filling My PC with Beans and Hiring a Repair Man to Fix it’ by Vlog Creations, Little Caesars, Hungry Howie’s, Fazoli’s, McDonald’s, Dominos Pizza

'I Love You'
Music by: Colangelo

'This is Us'
Music by: Cochran
Lyrics by: A Novelty Sign from TJ Maxx

'Escaping God'
Words by: Péwé, Cochran
Samples Taken from: Spotify, ‘Weird Studies’ (Podcast), ‘Ominous’ by Whitehardt, ‘Great British Baking Show (Theme)’ by Tom Howe
Music Taken from Adobe Stock

'Hot Dog Wars'
Music by: Cochran
Lyrics by: Lockwood, Péwé
Samples Taken from: ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison (1997)

'Horrors of War'
Music by: Cochran, Horne
Lyrics by: Colangelo, Rauch, Cochran
Samples Taken from: ‘Ominous’ by Whitehardt, ‘Live to Tell’ by Madonna, ‘Hysteria’ by Def Leppard, The Matrix (1999)

'Dinky and the Chicken'
Words by: Péwé, Cochran
Samples Taken from: ‘Ominous’ by Whitehardt, ‘Great British Baking Show (Theme)’ by Tom Howe

'Everything’s in Love'
Music by: Colangelo
Lyrics by: Colangelo, Péwé, Hemphill

'Special Thanks'
Words by: Cochran

'Queso Lips'
Music by: Colangelo, Cochran

'A Final Word'
Words by: Cochran
Excerpt from: Hamlet

'The Modern Prometheus'
Music by: Cochran
Lyrics by: Péwé, Cochran
Samples Taken from: Beetle Adventure Racing (1999), ‘The God that Failed’ by Metallica (1991), ‘Finally Free’ by Dream Theater (1999)

Additional voices provided by ElevenLabs.ai

Recorded by The Thumbnuts, 2020-2023
Mixed and Mastered by Trevor Cochran & Tommy Colangelo

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