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by 佚名

以往之前 20:02
從今以後 20:38



佚名 - 逃脫者

Runtime: 40:40

"On April 34, I hid at home listening to music, and everyone around me thought I was dead. I like to never take the initiative to find a way out, just wait for those who should come. I don't think it's appropriate to speculate about my current situation, but in the same way, I'm doing this to others. I hope they're good and not bad, which isn't always the case. Keeping those people silent, even like a natural disaster, could it happen? I found that I lived in everyone's mouth, that those statements were my appearance, and that they were destroying every time they portrayed my concept. I don't know who was destroyed, and I pondered them again, as if it were a kind of revenge. So far, it has not become a respectable existence. I guess they don't understand. I don't think I need a reason to explain. The reason is a bondage. Explanations would get everything in a bind, and I'm sure no one expected me to do that, and no one expected me to think what I would think, after all, it didn't matter. Life changes. I went back to twenty years ago in a trance, when everything was still happening, and it didn't seem as bad as it is now, but history should be a warning, not an accumulation of growth. Across those times, the music, these thoughts, and the opinions of these people, all added together, make people suspicious. I know there is no real connection in any of this, but after all, the whole city testifies. I think maybe not so much, after all. Cities are changing, making people change, becoming the kind that can count people. I don't think I should have this kind of blame, objectively speaking, my intention is not important, only the essence of one thing must be paid attention to, otherwise what is happening now alone cannot be explained at all. Explanations are not necessary. I should be a little calmer and look at it from an objective point of view, I live in this subject is unjust, I do not understand others, and I have a poor attitude. So, I'm going to prove it. Proof requires more substance, and others don't necessarily like it, just as they don't like the music below. I found that everything was the same wrong, including chaos. The city will not testify that we are the corpse lying on the grave soil of the city, and under this land is still buried the corpse of the city that has crossed time and carried history, buried himself with himself. I think other people don't have this concept, as if they don't want to understand me, because it's a feeling that you can't experience, like a song you don't know, because no one has heard it, so no matter how much the music dies, it doesn't attract much attention, it becomes a pile of nothingness. But fortunately, I got to know him and became his only friend. I don't want to have that concept. I'm not qualified to be a friend, and it takes a lot of effort. I pile up too much emotion on top of this. Maybe the last city died because of this. I do not know. Are the people around me still thinking about my side? Most likely not, because it was an empty pastime. In fact, when this ending happened to their eyes, they had to believe and face it. As for whether the city has any of his friends, I think that kind of thing, like myself, is not very necessary for all things. Because I am dead in their imagination."

Recorded in 2023
Cover art by 佚名


released October 20, 2023



all rights reserved



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