Reality Pathogen

from MANIC MUSIC by Kid Mania



You are origin-code.
You are origin-code sentenced to birth. You are a prison.
Your body is a prison. Your body is the perfect torture chamber.
Only one escape.

Your reality has been infected by a pathogen.
That sick feeling, crawls through you like panic, crawls through you like slow boredom, whispers in your ear.

“You know you’re in hell, right? This copy planet, this dead planet, this universal laughing-stock, it’s hell. But you know that…right?”

Ask any cop, ask any junky, ask any Wall Street trader, any tinker, tailor, soldier, spy, any whore, any scumbag dealer, any paramedic, any victim.
They’ll tellya.

Meanwhile, dead trees claw at a cold winter sky and the pathogen seeps through the cracks in Actuality. There’s a cyber-abyss between the keyboard and the collective consciousness
And you know what they say about the abyss
When you look into it, it looks into you.

Call it Outside Influence. Call it O.I.
Pathogen has been introduced, and the mechanism of the virus will destroy its host.
Like the weather, like entropy
Or like death itself.


from MANIC MUSIC, released April 3, 2019


all rights reserved



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