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Face Down in the Pool of Love

by Mt. Vex

Marusya 05:49
Brick red cries are here to shake your enigma bit by bit. Upon the crystalline zenith - a rotting star. Here are lanterns kicked into a bucket of soapy water. Redshift, redshift, pink slip, pink slip. Now, there was Marusya. A true desecrator of notions. Don't let her lose ya - Upon the crescents of scaly skin. Grimdark eyelids. Train headlights floodlit. Quick fib before the fit of gibberish sets in. For there was poor Marusya. Heavy anguished banter. A vacant wash of petrichor. Island portraits painted and scribbled on the sides of taxi cabs. An indistinct call receives no answer. For there was poor Marusya. Marusya, infinitely placated with the honors - sulking so turgidly. I am first in line to be a goner. For the brick red wind cries under the streetlights so nervously. With the redshift again. She turned me blotchy and pale again. Like I'm the nascent kin of soap water.
Pool of Love 06:00
If we wait for scraps and smithereens, these catatonic oscillations will poke a hole. Into the pool, I don't want to lose. Not to wade, not to wade, not to disappear. Yr ascetic aesthetic prods and preens. Unto the fool, he said, "completely drained". Pins to the gruel, pins to the gruel. Got to stay, got to stay, got to list yr fears. And that's all on them! And that's all on me! You little quasi-object: when you drown, you're still awake.
Now I'm in the zone, but it's all fine. You will not make it on your own. Stuck up in your home as if by design. A place that's vacant and so lone. I wish that you had told me that things weren't right. You had to fake it in your abode. Why'd we ever tell each other that night we couldn't make it on our own? You're only in that moment you can find insatiation as it flows. Was it only an axis bent slight? - not always safe from all you know. You should get lost if you know the cost. Salt of the reagent! You will not win, know just where you've been. Salt of the reagent!



Mt. Vex - Face Down in the Pool of Love

Runtime: 55:12

Mt. Vex's latest full-length album traverses an eclectic plane of vibrant styles within electronic music. Face Down in the Pool of Love sees the artist twist these modes into ethereal washes of dense, dreamlike texture, inviting the listener down an ever-morphing, phantasmagoric sonic environment. Analog synthesizers and disconnected voices dance against driving drum machines, verging into harrowing cacophony before subsiding into utterly tranquil soundscapes.

This experience is made entirely seamless in its progression all thanks to Mt. Vex's playful ethos toward genre fusion, summoning lush, layered embellishments that make for a wholly unique sound. Meeting at the crossroads of groovy, free-flowing improvisation and meticulous sound sculpting; of analog hardware and digital refinery - Face Down in the Pool of Love looks to the explorative potential of our future whilst holding dear those spaces that colored our past.

Recorded in the Pool of Love from November 2019 to July 2021
Guitar on 'Morning Sabbatical' provided by Chase Rounds
Cover art by Mt. Vex



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