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Encounter Vast

by Bro Biden

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EternityTree.net Descending into brilliant ecstasy with this one - lush, dense and vibrant. Impressive to say the least, quite unique and satisfying hybrid of post-vaporwave and experimental ambient with a touch of industrial noise. Favorite track: Staging.
lifeinsuspense thumbnail
lifeinsuspense this is pretty abrasive but not entirely unlistenable and at times even interesting - could not make it through the long tracks though , good luck Favorite track: Repeatedly Sodomized by Heptapods, a Sign of Intergalactic Courtesy in Their Culture (Akin to a Handshake). I Ultimately Forgave, But Chided Them and Kindly Suggested They Stop.
Lifted 02:44
Staging 10:03
Theophany 05:01



Bro Biden - Encounter Vast

Runtime: 40:05

The entirety of this album is made from a single brostep sample - “All is Fair in Love & Brostep”, the opening track from Skrillex’s only solo album "Recess". No other samples were used and no original instrumentation is included.

Similar to the Native Americans giving use to every part of a fallen buffalo, I ravaged the corpse of this song to ensure nigh every bit of audio was utilized somehow. When I considered how artists like Matmos are able to make banger albums out of washing machine recordings, I found myself quite grateful to have had such a musically imbued sample source as this.

Encounter Vast linearly tracks the flow of it’s core sample, and paints a harrowing alien abduction narrative. Each of these six songs lifts from a different chronological chunk of the original four-minute song. Think of it as a 40 minute remix, basically. Given Skrillex is the poster-child for the infamous genre that Brone seeks to deconstruct and then reconstruct anew, I could think of no more fitting an artist to recontextualize.

I haven’t heard “Recess” past this first track yet. I’m not a fan of Sonny Moore in the least, but I thought it would be pretty kek to make a series of albums that all draw from one album, track by track. Will I follow through on this? I don’t know dude, maybe. That’s like ten more albums I'll have to make. Heh.

Recorded from September 2020 to February 2021



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