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A Melody of Circles

by Enstasy

7 a.m. 02:59
It’s just past 7am My visual field is still blurred Triangles and circles and squares of phosphenes pass gently by What was I planning on doing today Wondering about how to be an artist or something I lean over and take a sip from my glass of water Then I get up and stride across the room To put on my spotted socks, aquamarine plaid shirt and straight-legged jeans My eyes keep returning to the bed. There’s something random going around in my head I can’t remember all the things I’ve done in my week There’s a dharmachakra on the past The sheets are a mess and so is my mind The sky floating elegantly in front of my behind And so I go to the field where the weavers live And I toss too the echo of the songs I’ve sung Woe is an echo of the place I know And the happiness comes and all of this grow And the light falls past on the sea of change Where the life foes go
Of Love 04:00
Breathing the void Pining for your love Living in agony, in bliss It’s all the same to me These days without you pass so slow And all I can think about where is you are now You don’t have to patronise me babe. I can’t live much longer like this You got my shirttails flying all over the place Maybe I’ll just have a drink, and think some more of you Cause’ I can’t take it a second longer, it’s like living in limbo Everything about you draws me towards your love The world has placed you before me, I feel In this emptiness of love, of love
The Source 05:00
When the night comes I can’t see the streetlights glimmering There’s the darkness that covers both the moon and the stars A force which constructs this life in the image of my brain. You tell me, maybe it’s always been this way I mean to ask… have we forgotten the origin of it all The source of every melody and creation Sometimes I think about the difference between I and thou The way our words divide and categorise For all of the instruments in the world The absolute is the only timbre Strings woodwind percussion et cetera Remind yourself that all of the sounds will return in time And here we are living in this nothingness. And it all comes out from the source 
The source I came from, I return to All terror, all beauty… the source
Blurry 03:41
Travelling, everything, sauntering, running, ambling, wandering, sprinting, stumbling, happening, voyaging, hungering, speeding, thinking, rambling, breathing, travelling
Star Dancer 04:35
After the day you stopped loving me, I got drunk and woke up a foreign planet But as I came to I didn’t know this system was due an eclipse of Venus It was some random morning of the 25th century, and suddenly everything was gone Before then we had been living on a spaceship at the outer rim of the Milky Way A mostly wordless life, but every time I saw you I knew you were the star dancer And the cosmos had you sent you down from heaven I would say without hesitancy, I didn’t need your vain words to calm me down After waking, as the sole inhabitant of this planet, I decided to head to Jupiter That I would disavow name, and I would condemn tribe and fractal politics I always thought those who call the Earth home are doomed to repeat falsity and disobedience I will always be yours, my star dancer, the heart of Saturn is my home I will condemn their selfish ways and egoistic diversions Until we unite with the Pantokrator at the big freeze of spacetime We both know there’s nothing left for us to do on this planet Star dancer, the creator of hopes, give us a twirl, red rose Reverse prancer, a beautiful room, give us a kiss, my one and only
Moonglow 03:03
In the great void One wonder after another Everyone's seeking western paradise Drunkard stumbling, been drinking I show most discretion Where to wind up Sober this evening Somewhere on the riverbank I’ll find Dawn’s moon in the report Our sky-piercing sword Screaming cold, your demons Buddhas, patriarchs Then moonlit, stirred by wind Sinks, its jeweled scabbard Iron bulls Wino, Anne Boleyn Where to, digger After the ending, always ascending Realise the difference of your inference
Tracing the circles of your face I’ve been going around and around You were a triangle to my square And I was the jagged line you didn’t need Oh, the incline of your love was steep for me to ascend And the oval we left behind, feels so far without your appreciation I’ve started to forget your eyes, The endless days we spent idling by the shapes, listening to the purl Watching the dance of tides I only embrace inside your inside But everything is so vacant without you Hope is lost and in the sand of time And I’m not sure how long I can keep going Without the face of your own love, without the face
Clouds form, come on, always slow, night walk I wander the oceans in the passage of all mornings
Night Song 02:58
I want to care for you, To cherish you But this song I am stuck in makes that rather hard
I want to hold you, to adore you But now I only feel so far away In a desert without your water Everytime our eyes meet A sea of stars lights up around you I think you forgot it even existed You are the wood to the white flame within me I pine for everything about you my sun, and my moon This life may be empty of hope, But there’s life around you You are the ocean’s rush You are the fire’s ash. I need you My sea of stars,
Camera phantasia They laughed at my behaviour And even time can’t force you If you choose to represent the truth But when the sky laughs us We must learn to be tough And cram your information They call that cogitation So when you are lonely Always remember to phone me When waves ebb and flow Recall the sea is in control If you don’t get my jokes Sometimes you may just never know Oh come on my rosebud Sit with me and watching the rising flood Spent time all my spare time on synth It seemed like life was bliss Being with you was akin to this And I think I deserve a final kiss Let the circle sing its melody Camera phantasia The light echo



Enstasy - A Melody of Circles

Runtime: 50:50

Adam Hutchinson's first album under his Enstasy alias, 'A Melody of Circles', flows as a current of cascading synths bathed in heart-rending vocal melody. It treks austere, yet personal territory, making for a sonic journey equal parts hypnotically serene and tinged with poised expressions of melancholy.

A Masters student in Dublin, Hutchinson composed 'A Melody of Circles' whilst studying at university and learning languages. His muse came in the form of his puppy Mabel, who would occasionally interrupt his process with a loving woof. Paying reverent influence to ambient pop greats such as Ian William Craig and Grouper, 'A Melody of Circles' resonates in a key of calm, inner reflection.

Physical release coming in March!


released January 21, 2021

A Melody of Circles was written and produced by Enstasy.
Recorded and mastered in Dublin between November and December 2020.
Synths on track 12, 'Night Song', provided by Gran Viernes.
Cover photo provided by Adam's sister, Laura.
Album layout and supplementary cover art by Enstasy.



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