A House of Fragmented Clouds

by Static Limit

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The Owl / Morbid Beauty
The Owl / Morbid Beauty thumbnail
The Owl / Morbid Beauty Loads of really cool and unexpected sounds in this record that flits around a few different electronic genres. 2 is really groovy, but spacey, but heavy, fun yet serious. Ticks a lot of boxes. Favorite track: (切断) Cloud of Disconnection.
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csthielen Static Limit (aka m a g g i e . w a v) has given us something very special here. With irony in plain view (so to speak), Static Limit has created a swollen, bliss-filled experience. The juxtaposition of 'fragmentation' and 'clouds' is killer.

This entire album is immense. I honestly enjoyed every track here. In situations such as this, I find choosing a "favorite" a nebulous project. But if it's all the same, I found '(終了) Cloud of No Return' to be intoxicatingly original and contemplative. Favorite track: (終了) Cloud of No Return.



Static Limit - A House of Fragmented Clouds

Runtime: 41:38

After burning out on attempts at work on his second album, Vivarium co-founder m a g g i e . w a v began creating diversions in order to still be productive outside of his main project. During summer of 2020, he was roped into the evolving rabbit hole that is brobient by his fellow labelmate CHROM-47 and attempted to keep in the loop despite being self-admittedly incapable of creating ambient. This statement still remains somewhat true, although it would be more fair to say that this is his take on the genre rather than a true representation of it.

Known for his fusion of vaporwave and synthwave, Static Limit is yet another fusion project, this time taking brostep samples and reworking them to fit in the context of ambient techno. The resulting sound resembles the weightless feeling of space, although the pounding of your own heart through your suit still gives these clouds of dust a pulse.

A House of Fragmented Clouds was written and produced by m a g g i e . w a v as Static Limit.
Recorded and mastered in the arena during Summer of 2020.
Artwork by m a g g i e . w a v.



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